Permit Ready ADU Program

Permit-Ready Accessory Dwelling Unit Program

The Permit-Ready Accessory Dwelling Unit (PRADU) Program is envisioned to encourage the construction of ADUs by offering property owners a selection of pre-approved ADU building plans that can be attained at the Development Services Department front counter. The permit-ready plans will include customizable options to allow for variations in exterior materials and door and window fenestrations to express individual owners’ tastes and respect community character. The program aims to assist property owners in creating accessory dwelling units by providing customizable plans, expediting the process, and reducing preconstruction fees. The program also helps the city meet strategic plan goals by providing diverse housing options throughout the city.

After releasing a request for proposal, the City selected two local architects to collaborate with to establish criteria and create a collection of plans for the PRADU Program. The architects were tasked with preparing a series of units: a studio, a one-bedroom, a two-bedroom, and a three-bedroom. Each architects’ set of plans provide unique variations and benefits. The options from Design Path Studio are designed in a way that makes it easy for the owners to add bedrooms in the future. The options from DZN Partners offer an expansive list of exterior options and roof lines.

Floor Plans and Renderings