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Housing Plan Update







Encinitas is facing a challenge when it comes to our local housing, and we need your input to create a plan that includes community-supported solutions. Housing costs in Encinitas continue to climb, while the availability and variety of that housing continues to drop. At the same time, we have a growing population and residents with changing needs.

Our senior citizen population is projected to nearly double by 2035, and many of them will be looking to downsize their homes. Young professionals and families are trying to enter the housing market, but home prices continue to increase. The median home price in Encinitas is more than 20 percent higher than in the North County Coastal area, making it harder for our own young residents to buy their first home or for seniors to locate downsizing options. Simply put, Encinitas is evolving and we need to create more housing options that meet our community’s growing and changing needs.

To make this happen, we need to update our local plan that addresses future housing opportunities. Called the Housing Element, this plan hasn’t been updated since the 1990s, and a lot has changed since then.  It is important that we update our plan to meet our current and future needs. 

  1. Our population is changing.  Accommodating housing choices will meet the needs of our community. 
  2. It protects our quality of life.  Planning for future housing helps avoid the negative consequences of unplanned growth. 
  3. Tax dollars are saved.  With an approved plan, Encinitas will be able to compete for regional and state grants that provides funding for infrastructure. 
  4. It's the law.  State law requires that we adopt a plan to accommodate housing needs.  

We want to plan wisely for our future, with all age and income groups in mind, and we need the community to be a part of the effort. With your input, we will:

  • Identify the type and location of future housing in Encinitas 
  • Determine the community characteristics that you value to ensure that they are preserved
  • Develop design standards for future projects so that the community can be confident that they will fit in with existing neighborhoods

The plan that you help us create will be put to a public vote in November 2016. Now is the time to learn how housing affects you, and how you can help guide the future of Encinitas.


Informational Handouts

Flyer - At Home in Encinitas

Learn More - a helpful powerpoint)

Flyer - Community Dialogue Sessions 

Housing Plan Draft Boards - Community Specific Example 

Why do we need to plan for future housing?


How will future housing respond to community character?


What will future housing look like?


How will future housing fit into our community?


How are future housing locations determined?


Where should housing go in your community?


Quick Links

Important Upcoming Events
Key City Council Decisions/Direction
Key Planning Commission Recommendations
Important Things to Know

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Important Upcoming Events

Community Dialogue Sessions

This November, the City will be hosting a series of Community Dialogue Sessions – one in each of Encinitas’ five communities – to seek public input on potential sites for future housing and community design characteristics that are important to Encinitas residents.  Please view the FLYER for the date, time and location in your community.

Can’t make your Community Dialogue Session or would you rather participate from your home or business?  Starting November 10, the City will launch an activity on their e-Town Hall where you can share your input online. 


Key City Council Decisions/Direction

September 30, 2014

Joint City Council and Planning Commission to review outreach and display mateiral that will be utilized throughout the engagement period.  At this joint public meeting, Council and Planning Commission members provided feedback on the material and requested several changes; however, Council confirmed the general approach and endorsed the format.  

September 17, 2014

At this public meeting, Council endorsed the project schedule and approach to inform and engage the public as the City updates its future housing policies.

City Council Agenda Report

January 15, 2014

At this public hearing, Council adopted a timeline to present the entire Housing Element Update and associated documents and environmental analysis for voter decision in the 2016 General Election.

City Council Agenda Report

September 25, 2013

At this public hearing, Council confirmed the approach to identify candidate sites for rezoning and directed staff to implement a more innovative way to solicit feedback from each community.  Council also confirmed that two land use maps would be presented, one map option that “plans out, not up” and one that “plans up, not out.”

Mapping Strategies Info Sheet

City Council Agenda Report

July 17, 2013

At this public hearing, Council determined that the City’s share of future “housing needs” should not be concentrated in any single community or single area of the City.  Rather, a general dispersed approach is the appropriate methodology for affordable housing unit distribution and any associated rezoning in the City.

Setting a Direction Info Sheet

City Council Agenda Report


Key City Planning Commission Recommendations

June 5, 2014

At the June 5th meeting the Planning Commission made recommendations to the City Council on a proposed Vision and Objectives framework to guide the preparation of the Housing Element Update.

Planning Commission Agenda Report



MJE - Public engagement and community affairs

Veronica Tam & Associates - State housing law technical assistance

Winter and Company - Urban design and community character

Winter and Company Amendment No.1


Important Things to Know

Myths and Facts about Affordable and High Density Housing - HCD
RHNA Determination and Allocation Process
Housing Element Law Summary


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