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Housing Plan Update


In 2016, there will be a ballot measure to adopt a plan for future housing in Encinitas… What do you want this plan to look like? 

The City has begun the work to update its Housing Plan to ensure that we’re prepared to meet the future housing needs of our community. Updating our Housing Plan will allow us to address the housing choices for our changing population and bring us into compliance with state law. It will also provide a number of benefits to Encinitas, protect our quality of life and save our tax dollars.


At Home in Encinitas



E Town Hall





At Home in Encinitas





Community Dialogue Events

Sessions were held in each of the five communities, where the public was able to learn more about why we need to plan, what housing types look like, how it can create neighborhoods & more.  


e-Town Hall

In addition to the above Community Dialogue Sessions, starting November 10th the City will ask for input about future housing on e-Town Hall. This will be done with interactive maps that help citizens learn about where new housing could potentially be built --- and gives them a chance to look at different types of housing that cold go there, and then select the ones they like best! VISIT e-Town Hall - YOUR VOICE COUNTS!.  


Informational Flyer 

Learn more about WHY we need to update our Housing Plan, how the plan can impact you, what you can do to get involved and a list of key milestones to get us there. You can also view this PowerPoint Presentation to better understand why we need to update our Housing Plan.


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Why we need to plan for future housing

How future housing responds to existing character in…

     - Leucadia
     - Old Encinitas 
     - New Encinitas 
     - Cardiff 
     - Olivenhain 

How housing types can be affordable and compatible

How future development fits into our communities

Decide where future housing should be located (ready made option) in…

     - Leucadia 
     - Old Encinitas 
     - New Encinitas 
     - Cardiff
     - Olivenhain

We want your input! 




















Quick Links

Key City Council Decisions/Direction
Key Planning Commission Recommendations
Important Things to Know

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Key City Council Decisions/Direction

September 30, 2014

Joint City Council and Planning Commission to review outreach and display material that will be utilized throughout the engagement period.  At this joint public meeting, Council and Planning Commission members provided feedback on the "At Home in Encinitas" material and requested several changes; however, Council confirmed the general approach and endorsed the format.  

September 17, 2014

At this public meeting, Council endorsed the project schedule and approach to inform and engage the public as the City updates its future housing policies.

City Council Agenda Report

January 15, 2014

At this public hearing, Council adopted a timeline to present the entire Housing Element Update and associated documents and environmental analysis for voter decision in the 2016 General Election.

City Council Agenda Report

September 25, 2013

At this public hearing, Council confirmed the approach to identify candidate sites for rezoning and directed staff to implement a more innovative way to solicit feedback from each community.  Council also confirmed that two land use maps would be presented, one map option that “plans out, not up” and one that “plans up, not out.”

Mapping Strategies Info Sheet

City Council Agenda Report

July 17, 2013

At this public hearing, Council determined that the City’s share of future “housing needs” should not be concentrated in any single community or single area of the City.  Rather, a general dispersed approach is the appropriate methodology for affordable housing unit distribution and any associated rezoning in the City.

Setting a Direction Info Sheet

City Council Agenda Report


Key City Planning Commission Recommendations

June 5, 2014

At the June 5th meeting the Planning Commission made recommendations to the City Council on a proposed Vision and Objectives framework to guide the preparation of the Housing Element Update.

Planning Commission Agenda Report



MJE - Public engagement and community affairs

Veronica Tam & Associates - State housing law technical assistance

Winter and Company - Urban design and community character

Winter and Company Amendment No.1

Request for Proposal (RFP) for an EIR, deadline to submit is January 12, 2015.

Important Things to Know

Myths and Facts about Affordable and High Density Housing - HCD
RHNA Determination and Allocation Process
Housing Element Law Summary


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