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Erik Steenblock
505 S Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024
760-633-2787 (Clean Water Hotline)



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Through the development and implementation of comprehensive stormwater pollution prevention activities,
the City of Encinitas Clean Water Program serves to protect and enhance the quality of local surface waters
including our creeks, lagoons, and our beaches along the Pacific Ocean. 

View the details of our most current JRMP: Jurisdictional Urban Runoff Management Plan here.

         Encinitas Beach south of D street looking north over the beach and many beach goers on a summer day

Services to the community through the protection of human and environmental health are the result of program
activities including water quality monitoring, commercial and industrial facility inspections, clean water ordinance
, new and re-development requirements oversight, comprehensive reporting and assessment,
watershed management, training, and community outreach and education

Pollution in our waterways can come from car fluids, pesticides & fertilizers, home car washing, pet waste, trash
and the list goes on. These pollutants can cause problems downstream as urban runoff.  We can all help protect
our environment by using simple BMP's (BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES) that prevent pollution from entering
our storm drains and eventually our waterways. Take a look at the simple BMP's below that you can use to help
stop pollution.  What will you do to make a difference?    
 A dog walker; message to pick up after your pet since pet waste carries bacteria to waterways and can harm wildlife and beachgoersDozens of cigarette butts littering the groundA hand spraying chemicals onto their landscaping; messaging to not use chemicals if rain is in the forecast and do not over-irrigate as chemicals may get washed into the storm drainA broom is being used to sweep concrete instead of hosing yard waste into a storm drain 
 A man is washing his car with a lot of soap suds; message is to take your car to a car wash or wash over landscaped area and fix leak immediatelyskull and crossbones indicate poison; message is to encourage disposing of household hazardous waste properly by calling your local waste hauler or call for a home pick up instead of illegally dumpingSparkling blue swimming pool; message is to de-chlorinate a pool or spa to 1 part per million and drain to landscaping without dirt and debris entering stormdrain.Paint tray with dirty paint brushes, paint laden sponge and rubber gloved hand: message is to use less toxic water-based paints which can be disposed of in the sink or toilet              


         Thank you for choosing Clean Water! 

         For more information about our program, please visit our other pages:

         Water Quality Monitoring and ReportingDevelopment and Construction, Commercial & Industrial, and 

         Community Outreach & Education.


                            Large outfall storm drain pipes that flow from Cottonwood Creek to the Pacific Ocean at Moonlight Beach








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